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Nosferatu at the Wheel

Nosferatu at the Breast (2006)

Love Story

Jihad: A Love Story (2005)

American History is Written
                           at Night

The Whole Shebang: A Love Story (2008)

American Kali #4

American Kali (2006)

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L'Exorciste del telvisora (2006)

American Kali #2

The Archer

American Kali #2 (2006)

Best Intentions

Breast Intentions (2007)


"You most of
                           all, Interrogation Scarecrow"

"You Most of All, Interrogation Scarecrow" (2007)

Military interrogation becomes spectacle in the age of the simulacrum and the subjectile. We're fascinated by the spectacle of "bare life" -- the hooded scarecrows of Iraq carrying Catherine Trammel on TV, from Anna Karina crying while watching the trial and torture in "Passion of Joan of Arc" to Sharon stone turning the tables just by crossing her legs. (why didn't Joan ever think of that?)

Shearer of the Flames

Shearer from the Flames (2009)

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