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L.A. Ruocco, Sasha Denisoff, Lindsay Valentin,
Suzanne Verderber, Paul Narkunas,Erich Kuersten
Sarah K & Audra Graziano.
47 minutes

The Lacan Hour is a 45 minute documentary created by Erich Kuersten for the Structuralist Televison Workshop. Using the children's educational telvision programming of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) format as a jumping off point, Mr. Kuersten takes a slightly satirical, baffled, byzantine look at the theories of Jacques Lacan and modern psychiatry. Topics touched on include the death drive, the memento mori, the imaginary-symbolic-real, the mirror stage, the phallus, the concept of the "variable hour," the remainder- aka "das ding" - and much much more. Replete with songs, claymation, and a final epiphany on the shores of Coney Island, this is one hour you wont want to miss!


Official Selection: Arlene's Grocery Film Festival Sunday April 24, 4 PM THE LIVING ROOM (Betw. Stanton & Rivington) FREE ADMISSION/POPCORN

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