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For Kimberly, Bela, and Marginalized Geniuses Everywhere
2011 - dir. Erich Kuersten
Music by Kimberly Linn

Dear Mr. Miller
2012 - dir. Meghan Wright
A letter written by Molly Marie Wright to her high school principle, who recently outlawed beanies on the notion that students might smuggle weapons therein. (Voiceover - Erich Kuersten)

The Curse of the Male Gaze
2010 - dir. Erich Kuersten

The Lacan Hour, a Special Episode: "The objet petit a" 
2010 - dir. Erich Kuersten
Here's a very special sequel to Erich Kuersten's best-selling video documentary, The Lacan Hour. Claymation by Meghan Wright

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