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Erich Kuersten: Cinematic Painting
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Detail from NIGHTMARE ALLEY -- 2005, Acrylic on Canvas, 30 x 40 ins


These paintings are figurative-abstract expressionist acrylic on canvas pieces derived from obscure moments in cinema. Erich Kuersten is a film critic and writer who uses painting to reflect the passage of time that normally does not touch the image of film. "You see a film as a child and then 30 years later your eyes are not the same eyes that saw the film," Erich notes. "so is the image in the film the same?" Kuersten's work creates a Dorian Gray-ish realm of decay and cinematic dissolution that also harkens back to the days before DVD, before even cable, when movies had to be coaxed--"ghosted"-- into existence via a UHF antennae, a world Kuersten remembers well from childhood.      --- Mario Lenzo, Art Community March 2003 

Jaws - Widescreen (2004, Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 40 ins)


Brief Encounter (2004, Acrylic on Canvas, 20 x 34 ins)


Nightmare Alley - Detail (2005, Acrylic on Canvas, 30 x 40 ins)


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